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Yoga Teacher Training Course in India

Yoga teacher training course in india
Yoga teacher training course in india

Aiming to become a yoga teacher in India? Confused about where to begin and what to do for attaining the yoga certification course? Well, your worries now seek an end here with the yoga teacher training course available in the comfort of your home! Yes, you heard that right, all you now need is a smartphone, internet connection, and sheer determination to accomplish the yoga teacher training in India.

Distinct courses are available for everyone to choose from at the Vidyanand Transformational Yoga, a school of learning started by Swami Vidyanand, a pioneer of yoga who has experience of 50 years. Transformational Yoga was created by Swami Vidyannd in the year 2004 and since then one thousand teachers have been trained underneath while there are thousands of practitioners worldwide.

What is Transformational Yoga?

transformational yoga types
Transformational yoga types

Transformational Yoga is a unique yogic method that combines Hatha, Raja Yoga, Mantra, Ashtanga, and Kundalini Yoga principles to achieve quick change. Sri Vidyanand had established this technique during his tenure of more than ten years at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi Branch.

In-depth study of asanas, chakras, mantras, breathing and meditation methods, and breathing and meditation techniques provides you with the information you need to detoxify your body, stabilise your emotions, concentrate your mind, and raise your spiritual well-being.

Transformational yoga goes beyond the convention of just physical exercise. While providing a holistic approach to health, Transformational Yoga considers physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual elements of wellness. On a deeper level, it encourages kundalini energy to ascend via the chakras, cleansing and waking the pure body. It gives you the much-needed change and tool through which you can become a better version of yourself daily.

What kind of yoga teacher training courses are available?

A couple of yoga teacher training courses are available for enrollers to choose from i.e. 200- hour yoga teacher training course and a 500-hour yoga teacher training course. People aiming to learn yoga teacher training can also choose to take this course either online or in-person by Sri Vidyanand at the Ashram near Pondicherry in Tamil Nadu.

What do you get in a 200-hour teacher training course?

Starting on the first of every month, it is an internationally certified yoga teacher training course where the batch size is limited to 12, assuring personal attention from the guides. Enrollers will practice this course directly under Sri Vidyanand, a yoga master with over 50 years of experience in yogic practices and meditation.

After completing the course, you will be awarded a 200-hour Certificate from Yoga Alliance International and the World Yoga Federation, allowing you to comfortably teach anywhere in the world. Apart from learning yoga teacher training in India, 200-hour courses are another option for improving your practice and knowledge.

Features of 200-hour yoga teacher training course:

Accomplish the 200-hour yoga teacher training course and learn to nourish your senses and powers beyond the limit. This course is an internationally certified program where practitioners can learn about yoga teacher training in India. A few of its features are:

● The course ensures that a person attains both theoretical and practical knowledge of yoga after completing the course.

● Learn various aspects of Hatha yoga, Prana Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Tantra Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga.

● Enrollers will get to know about the prana body and its five functions of it, and how the energy flows across the body.

● Get to know about the basic yoga techniques and sequences to command the best out of the yogic expertise.

People who are not looking for taking this as an option for their career, can still learn and know about yoga and grow themselves more in their potential. A 200-hour yoga teacher training course is a foundation course. After completing it, students can opt for a more advanced course or can start teaching in any school, community, park, or yoga studio.

For students looking for the best yoga teacher training in India, this course is the most convenient option to take your learning to an advanced level. Beginning on the first of every month, enrollers get to learn about all forms of yogic practices and methods.

The course is available to individuals with 200-hour or higher yoga teacher training, comparable experience, or both. This course will provide you with the skills, knowledge, wisdom, and certification necessary to train yoga teachers with a 200-hour certification at the Master Level. It is an extensive program designed to cater for the students with deeper aspects of transformational yoga.

The syllabus for the 500-hour yoga teacher training course includes distinct forms of asanas, pranayama, mantras, and meditation. Students can enrol to learn either in-person at the Ashram or by applying online to learn in the comforts of their home.

Features of a 500-hour yoga teacher training course:

● Get certification from the Yoga Alliance International and World Yoga Federation.

● Each of the students gets personal attention and guidance from Sri Vidyanand, even after the completion of the course.

● Learners get exposure to different styles of Yoga including Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Transformational Yoga, and Raja Yoga.

● Learners get to know about the principle of longevity, communication skills, advanced yoga, and a lot more which ensures your personal well-being and growth.

After the completion, of course, enrollers can open their yoga training school and train others for growth. It is a job-oriented course for master-level. After accomplishing this yoga teacher training in India, students get the chance to work anywhere in the world. The course is not limited to here as it also opens the door for students to work on more research in the field of yoga.

Benefits of applying for a yoga teacher training course online?

People who are looking to learn yoga or give their career a boost can also apply for the yoga teacher training course with the comforts of being at home. The course will be six months long and each of the students will get personal attention from the mentors. Students will also have access to the recorded classes and a plethora of study materials which will ensure that they get the best yoga teacher training in India.

Students who can’t relocate to the Ashram or have difficulty in going for a longer time shall opt for this course and get support, doubt clearance, access to several books and exclusive videos, and a lot more while being at their home.

Styles of yoga you will learn during the course:

At Shri Vidyanand’s yoga teacher training in India, you will learn various forms of yoga styles during the course which will ensure you get accurate and complete information.

● Hatha Yoga: It is a set of yogic postures and techniques (mainly breathing) which is used in preserving and channelling the energy in our body.

● Kundalini Yoga: The yoga teacher training course will help in learning how the Chakras work and how you can activate and channelise them.

● Bhakti Yoga: This form of yoga helps you in activating the heart chakra and also in channelling the bridge towards your inner peace.

● Raja Yoga: A form of yoga which is intended to achieve control over the mind and emotions, and establishes a sense of calm and equanimity.

● Mantra Yoga: With the use of verses and the power of sound, this form of yoga is used to achieve oneness with the god and purify & awaken the soul.

● Transformational Yoga: This form of yoga focuses on an in-depth study of asanas, mantras, chakras, and distinct meditation techniques which helps in purifying the body, stabilising emotion, and increasing spiritual well-being.

Who can apply?

Anyone who wishes to seek yoga teacher training in India, for both professional and personal life can apply for the course. Yoga is a way of maintaining health and doesn’t limit anyone in learning. People who have the zeal and passion for yoga can apply for yoga teacher training in India and learn either by visiting the Ashram in-person or even through the online means.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I am looking for yoga teacher training course in India. What options do I have?

Two options are available for practitioners to choose from, which are a 200-hour teacher

training course and a 500-hour teacher training course.

2. Does yoga teacher training in India give me career scope in other nations?

Yes, the courses are internationally certified and you are allowed to teach globally with ease.

3. How much time does it take for one to become a yoga instructor?

Time differs from one course to another, but as soon as you are certified with one of the yoga teacher training courses, you will become eligible to teach others.

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