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Near Auroville and Pondicherry, in Southern India

In person
Starts 1st of Every month
28 Days


Hatha Yoga | Transformational Hatha Yoga | Kundalini Yoga | Integral Yoga

Graduates eligible for certification from
Yoga Alliance International
& World Yoga Federation

Available to those who have already completed 200 Hour or equivalent Yoga Teacher Training or relevant Yoga experience. This course will enable you to be a Master Level Teacher, with the tools, knowledge, wisdom and certification to Train 200 Hour Level Yoga Teachers

Internationally Certified

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500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India is a master-level course designed to learn the deeper aspects of Transformational Yoga. This intensive program is spread across four weeks. The syllabus will include different forms of asanas, pranayama, mantras, and mediation. The key points are mentioned below:

Learn yoga from a living master- Swami Vidyanand, with over 50 years experience in yoga and meditation. This is a great opportunity to learn new concepts, ideas and secret ancient yogic knowledge that are not available in the internet, in books or in any other yoga teacher training. The course is live, practical and experiential and you will gain from the experience of direct interactions and teachings from Swami Vidyanand himself.



Yoga of the Body. This form of yoga uses physical techniques to activate the vital force and preserve it. It focuses on attaining balance through asanas and pranayama. Thus, this is one of the key components of our 500 hours yoga teacher training in India.

Hatha Yoga
Yoga Class


The 500 hours teacher training will also help a learner explore the aspects of Kundalini Yoga and help purify and activate Chakras. It is one of the key topics of certified yoga courses in India.


Based on the teachings of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, our course will cover and synthesize six organs of classical Yoga practice, and these are Hatha, Raja, Bhakti, Karma, Jnana, and Japa Yoga. The practice of this form will help our learners lead a service-oriented life.

Practicing Yoga


It focuses on the opening of the heart, devotion, love and service. At our Yoga Teacher Training in India, the course will help you activate your heart chakra and open the bridge to your true inner nature.


Transformational Yoga gives you the tools you need in order to make a difference in your everyday life. In depth focus of asanas, the Chakras, mantras, and breathing and meditation techniques gives you the knowledge you need to purify your body, stabilise your emotions, focus your mind, and increase your spiritual well-being.

Hatha Yoga


Yoga of the Mind to go beyond our constant mental chatter. In this yoga teacher training course, you will learn techniques of Raja Yoga to still the mind and establish calm and equanimity beyond the Yoga mat and into your life.


Using the power of sound to purify and awaken, Traditionally, this form of yoga uses mantras to attain oneness with God by awakening the self and helps in deepening the meditative aspects of physical yoga.

Key take a Ways

• Study of theory and practical techniques of Transformational yoga
• Introduction to Hatha yoga, Prana yoga, Raja yoga, Bhakti yoga,                      Tantra yoga, and Kundalini yoga
• Introduction to Transformational yoga
• Introduction to para and apara dimensions of consciousness                           Introduction of the 7 chakras and their relation with the 4 bodies
• Prana body and energy flow and functions of the 5 pranas
• Impurities, effects and purification techniques for the 4 bodies
• Awakening of the spiritual body
• Energy mechanics of Transformational yoga
• Difference of Transformational yoga from other types of yoga
• Introduction to meditation
• Practice of Transformational yoga

• Basic Transformational yoga sequence
• Technique of Transformational yoga
• Invocation of Divine Mother Light through mantras
• 5 prana techniques (apana, samana, maha, udana, vyana)
• Joint cleaning
• Yogic energy awakening science (kriyas)
• Introduction to pranayama (kapalabhati, brahmari, nadi shodhana)
• Yoga asanas (practice of 4 Transformational yoga asana sets)
• Mantra sounds for chakra relaxation, purification and activation
• Element mantra for the chakras
• Introduction to meditation methods
• Observation and awareness techniques
• Introduction to Yoga Nidra
• Awakening of the spiritual body
• Energy mechanics of Transformational yoga
• Difference of Transformational yoga from other types of yoga
• Different meditation methods
• Diet and lifestyle for yoga teachers
• Yoga Nidra for specific aims
• Yogic energy awakening science (kriyas), introduction to the bandhas
• The endocrine system
• Kundalini yoga
• Tantra yoga
• Transformational yoga for children, young people, office workers and             the elderly
• Transformational yoga for illness
• Asana modifications


The following features will help in discovering the new realms that are beyond our limited senses. The 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course program is an internationally certified yoga teacher training in India that covers every important aspect of yoga. You can also enjoy learning by sitting at home and applying for this online yoga teacher training certification in India.

  • Learning in the special atmosphere around Auroville and Pondicherry, with good and trained Yoga teachers.

  • 500 Hour Certification with Yoga Alliance International and World Yoga Federation is included in this.

  • You can open your own Yoga Training school. You can teach yoga to others and can grow professionally after completing the 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India. So, it’s a job-oriented course, that will make you a leader.

  • Personal attention for each student and direct guidance from Swami Vidyanand even after completion of the course.

  • Exposure to the different styles of Yoga like Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Integral Yoga, Bhakti Yoga,
    Transformational Yoga, and Raja Yoga.

  • Principles of longevity are covered including the Yogic diet. Techniques of Teaching, Practice Teaching, and Communication Skills are widely taught.

What all you can do after you complete
500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course?

This course will enable you to be a Master Level Teacher. As now you have come across a deeper
knowledge of yoga, thus you are ready to open your own business. Students can join your school to
learn the best Yoga Practices and Principals from you. As it is an internationally certified course, you can get the work anywhere in the globe. You can also utilize your knowledge to write across various
platforms and become an author in the field of Yoga. It will also open doors of research in the Yoga and opportunity to learn more about our ancient tradition and Indian culture. One must continue with regular practice maintaining absolute discipline even after completing this course. Revision is a must.


1. What is the highest level of yoga teacher training?

500 hours of yoga teacher training is the highest international standard for yoga teachers. You
can register yourself as an Advanced Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance International and World
Yoga Federation after completing this program. You will gain in-depth knowledge and
understanding of yoga in it’s totality

2. What should I do after 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training Course?

You can start teaching your own 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Classes, workshops, seminars
and retreats and even open your own teaching Yoga Institute.

3. How long does it take to become a yoga instructor in India?

It takes 28 to 30 days to become a Yoga Instructor in India.

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