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Near Auroville and Pondicherry, in Southern India

In person
Starts 1st of Every month
28 Days


Hatha Yoga | Transformational Hatha Yoga | Kundalini Yoga | Integral Yoga

Graduates eligible for certification from
Yoga Alliance International
& World Yoga Federation

Available to those who have already completed 200 Hour or equivalent Yoga Teacher Training or relevant Yoga experience. This course will enable you to be a Master Level Teacher, with the tools, knowledge, wisdom and certification to Train 200 Hour Level Yoga Teachers

Fees for International Residents/Citizens: 

Residential Course: €2550 (includes training, certification, food and accommodation)

Non-Residential Course: €1500 (includes only training and certification)


Fees for Residents/Citizens of India and Africa: 

Residential Course: INR 165,000 (includes training, certification, food and accommodation)

Non-Residential Course: INR 75,000 (includes only training and certification)

Internationally Certified

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This masters level 500-hour Transformational yoga teacher training course is a four week intensive course. 


Transformational yoga® is an integral approach to physical health, emotional balance, and mental and spiritual clarity founded and created by Swami Vidyanand, a renowned yoga master. Transformational yoga gives you the tools you need in order to make a difference in your everyday life. In depth focus of asanas, the chakras, mantras, and breathing and meditation techniques gives you the knowledge you need to purify your body, stabilize your emotions, focus your mind, and increase your spiritual well-being. Swami Vidyanand founded SriMa International School of Transformational Yoga to share his teaching and learning. 

Upon completion of our course you will receive 500-hour Certificate from the Yoga Alliance International and World Yoga Federation that qualifies you to teach confidently anywhere in the world. For deepening your personal practice and understanding 100-hour courses are also an option. 

  • Study of theory and practical techniques of Transformational yoga

  • Introduction to Hatha yoga, Prana yoga, Raja yoga, Bhakti yoga, Tantra yoga, and Kundalini yoga

  • Introduction to Transformational yoga

  • Introduction to para and apara dimensions of consciousness Introduction of the 7 chakras and their relation with the 4 bodies

  • Prana body and energy flow and functions of the 5 pranas

  • Impurities, effects and purification techniques for the 4 bodies

  • Awakening of the spiritual body

  • Energy mechanics of Transformational yoga

  • Difference of Transformational yoga from other types of yoga

  • Introduction to meditation

  • Practice of Transformational yoga

  • Basic Transformational yoga sequence

  • Technique of Transformational yoga

  • Invocation of Divine Mother Light through mantras

  • 5 prana techniques (apana, samana, maha, udana, vyana)

  • Joint cleaning

  • Yogic energy awakening science (kriyas)

  • Introduction to pranayama (kapalabhati, brahmari, nadi shodhana)

  • Yoga asanas (practice of 4 Transformational yoga asana sets)

  • Mantra sounds for chakra relaxation, purification and activation

  • Element mantra for the chakras

  • Introduction to meditation methods

  • Observation and awareness techniques

  • Introduction to Yoga Nidra

  • Awakening of the spiritual body

  • Energy mechanics of Transformational yoga

  • Difference of Transformational yoga from other types of yoga

  • Different meditation methods

  • Diet and lifestyle for yoga teachers

  • Yoga Nidra for specific aims

  • Yogic energy awakening science (kriyas), introduction to the bandhas

  • The endocrine system

  • Kundalini yoga

  • Tantra yoga

  • Transformational yoga for children, young people, office workers and the elderly

  • Transformational yoga for illness

  • Asana modifications


  • Hatha Yoga

  • Kundalini Yoga

  • Integral Yoga

  • BhaktiYoga

  • Transformational Yoga

  • Raja Yoga

  • Mantra Yoga

  • Meditation

Course Director

Swami Vidyanand is a renowned yoga master from India. He is the founder and spiritual head of Meditation Alliance International®, SriMa International School of Transformational Yoga®, World Yoga Federation® and the Founder and President of Yoga Alliance International® (YAI), spread over all continents. 


Transformational Yoga®️ was created by Swami Vidyanand in 2004. Since, then there have been over one thousand teachers trained in this system and several thousand practitioners worldwide.

Transformational Yoga is an innovative yogic system that synthesizes techniques of Hatha, Raja Yoga, Mantra, Ashtanga and Kundalini Yoga to bring about rapid transformation. His signature system is inspired by the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, and was developed when he taught yoga for more than a decade at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi Branch.

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Pondicherry, a hidden gem of south east India and a former French colony on the Sea of Bengal, retains all of its charm and gentility of colonial times. Visit the birthplace of yoga and youll understand why its traditions have endured for millennium and they continue to have relevance and value in our modern world.

This transformational yoga teacher training course (TTC) will take place at Tenderness Guesthouse, near Auroville and Pondicherry, a perfect location in close proximity to both the Matrimandir and the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, which the Mother had once called a veritable laboratory to work out the future society.


While it is inspired by and based on the Teachings of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, SriMa International School of Transformational Yoga is an Independent organization based in this region, and is not a part of the Auroville Foundation or Sri Aurobindo Ashram.  

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