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Rs 12,000 per month - Indian Residents (Rs 72,000)
150 Euros per month - International Applications (900 Euros)

Starts 1st of Every month


Hatha Yoga | Transformational Hatha Yoga | Kundalini Yoga | Integral Yoga

Graduates eligible for certification from
Yoga Alliance International
& World Yoga Federation

6 Months Training

Monday to Friday

6pm IST | 2:30pm EU | 1:30pm UK 

Wtsapp: +91-9810670711

Available to those who have already completed 200 Hour or equivalent Yoga Teacher Training or relevant Yoga experience. This course will enable you to be a Master Level Teacher, with the tools, knowledge, wisdom and certification to Train 200 Hour Level Yoga Teachers. 

Internationally Certified

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  • Study of theory and practical techniques of Transformational yoga

  • Introduction to Hatha yoga, Prana yoga, Raja yoga, Bhakti yoga, Tantra yoga, and Kundalini yoga

  • Introduction to Transformational yoga

  • Introduction to para and apara dimensions of consciousness Introduction of the 7 chakras and their relation with the 4 bodies

  • Prana body and energy flow and functions of the 5 pranas

  • Impurities, effects and purification techniques for the 4 bodies

  • Awakening of the spiritual body

  • Energy mechanics of Transformational yoga

  • Difference of Transformational yoga from other types of yoga

  • Introduction to meditation

  • Practice of Transformational yoga

  • Basic Transformational yoga sequence

  • Technique of Transformational yoga

  • Invocation of Divine Mother Light through mantras

  • 5 prana techniques (apana, samana, maha, udana, vyana)

  • Joint cleaning

  • Yogic energy awakening science (kriyas)

  • Introduction to pranayama (kapalabhati, brahmari, nadi shodhana)

  • Yoga asanas (practice of 4 Transformational yoga asana sets)

  • Mantra sounds for chakra relaxation, purification and activation

  • Element mantra for the chakras

  • Introduction to meditation methods

  • Observation and awareness techniques

  • Introduction to Yoga Nidra

  • Awakening of the spiritual body

  • Energy mechanics of Transformational yoga

  • Difference of Transformational yoga from other types of yoga

  • Different meditation methods

  • Diet and lifestyle for yoga teachers

  • Yoga Nidra for specific aims

  • Yogic energy awakening science (kriyas), introduction to the bandhas

  • The endocrine system

  • Kundalini yoga

  • Tantra yoga

  • Transformational yoga for children, young people, office workers and the elderly

  • Transformational yoga for illness

  • Asana modifications

Course Director

Swami Vidyanand is a renowned yoga master from India. He is the founder and spiritual head of Meditation Alliance International®, SriMa International School of Transformational Yoga®, World Yoga Federation® and the Founder and President of Yoga Alliance International® (YAI), spread over all continents. 


Transformational Yoga®️ was created by Swami Vidyanand in 2004. Since, then there have been over one thousand teachers trained in this system and several thousand practitioners worldwide.

Transformational Yoga is an innovative yogic system that synthesizes techniques of Hatha, Raja Yoga, Mantra, Ashtanga and Kundalini Yoga to bring about rapid transformation. His signature system is inspired by the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, and was developed when he taught yoga for more than a decade at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi Branch.


Teaching Support

Camille  Gicquel Chairperson, Yoga  Alliance International, France Camille was  born in the West of France  and got introduced to Yoga thanks to her  Mom, an experienced  practitioner, who convinced her to attend a class  of Hatha yoga thinking  that it may help channelize her energy and  anxious nature, and it was a  revelation! However, after studying a  diversity of fields and working  in a lot of others, something was still  missing in her life for her to  be truly happy. Her love for travelling  and her thirst for discoveries,  encounters and new experiences finally  took her to India, the ancestral  place of traditional yoga. Her  encounter with Swami Vidyanand and his  system of Transformational Hatha  Yoga have then totally convinced her  that she wanted to live her life  following the path of Yoga. Camille is a  Yoga Alliance International  Certified Yoga Teacher for 500 hours level,  Master in Transformational  Yoga and Meditation. She studied under the  guidance of Swami Vidyanand  in New Delhi and Auroville. She is also the  Chair Person of Yoga  Alliance International France and in charge of  SriMa School Auroville  branch.

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